Crofton & Sharlston Medical Practice

What is Primary Care Home – Networking?

Network working with other Practices

There are currently 36 GP practices, serving a registered population of around 354,000 patients. The 36 practices are divided into networks. There are seven networks across the district, and they are a great example of partnership working, with all practices actively working together in a local network to support each other in achieving better health outcomes for patients. Understanding referral and prescribing patterns and decisions and sharing best practice in and across primary care  

Networks provide a forum where all practices can take ownership, contribute to and shape the network and Wakefield-wide commissioning agendas ensuring appropriate consistency, shared learning and innovation. We believe that it is vital to maintain a strong and purposeful emphasis on enhancing general practice capacity and capability.

Our practice works within Network 5, known as Trinity Healthcare Group (THG) – it consists of :-

Crofton and Sharlston Medical Practice – GP clinical lead is Dr Carolyn Hall and non-clinical lead is Ann Batty, Practice Manager.

Maybush Surgery – Wakefield – GP clinical lead is Dr Ansar Hyett and non-clinical lead is Louise Gregory, Practice Manager.

Trinity Medical Centre – Wakefield – GP clinical lead is Dr Pravin Jaykumar and non-clinical lead is Carol Beedham, Practice Manager.

Warrengate Surgery – Wakefield – GP clinical lead is Dr Patrick O’Connell and non-clinical lead is Diane Crabtree, Practice Manager.

Our network represents approx 53,500 patients